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Billy Boyd Talents

Show Us Your Billeh Skills!

Billy Boyd Talents!
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Thanks to tarnished_raven for her patience with me and making the wonderful banners and icons here! Thank you for the Billy mood theme I use made by chiflipgrl

And Thank you to lizziebunny2828 for making my beautiful header and holding my hand and walking me through all of this! Thanks Love!!

My affiliates/related communities

lijah_talents dom_talents

I am an administrater at Billy Boyd Board

I am the mod and owner at royd_lovin a community all about Royd Tolkien, fics, news, pictures, graphics, you name it!

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This community is for Billy Boyd graphics and fictions of any kind (icons, blends, layouts, banners, manips, mood themes, etc). And any fictions that is Billy centered. Please read the rules on this page before posting. Some of the pictures, graphics, manips, fictions may be not work safe and rated NC17. They also could be slash, meaning gay men in various acts. If this is not your thing, or you are under 21, please go elsewhere.


[1.] Posting more than three icons, fics or any type of huge graphics, you must use the LJ-cut tag. <*lj-cut your work here lj-cut*> (remove the * from the code).
[2.] When using any of the makers' work you must give them credit in your profile using this code:
<*LJ user="insert username" *> (remove the * from the code).
[3.] Do not modify any of the makers' graphics unless given permission.
[4.] No posting icon/graphic requests.
[5.] Bashing is not allowed. Humerous/parody type of things mind you are okay, but no anti-Billy Boyd or any other character he has played is not allowed.
[6.] Sorry but regular paint made icons/graphics are not accepted. We can tell :P
No taking someone else's bases and just adding text to it. It's more creative when you make your own.
[7.] You must post your work only, you can not post anyone else's icons, manips, graphics or fictions. You will be given a warning and your post will be deleted.
[8.] Off topic posts will be deleted. Your post must contain icons or any kind of Billy Boyd related graphics made by you.
[9.] Please do not start of a post saying "These icons/graphics/fics are really bad but I decided to post them anyway" If you feel your work is not good then don't post them at all.
[10.] Advertising is NOT allowed. Your post will be deleted immediately if any ads or promotions for another community is posted.
[11.] Fictions must be Billy centered, that is, Billy must be a main character. Het or slash is accepted, all ratings, please include in your fic post the author name, pairing, rating, a summary, any warnings such as death fic, rape, bondage etc.
[12.] If you have anymore questions. Check out the community's Live Journal F.A.Q